For information on UC’s transformative agreement with Cambridge University Press, under which UC authors are eligible for significant support to publish open access in Cambridge journals, please see the CUP FAQ.

Journal articles may be published open access either in full OA journals, where all content is openly available, or hybrid journals, where a portion of the content is openly available and the remainder of the content is available by subscription only. Some publishers charge a fee, known as an Article Processing Charge (APC), for open access publication; for a full OA journal the APC is generally a requirement for publication, while for a hybrid journal the author may choose to pay an APC to make content openly available.

The publishers and journals below offer a discount to UC authors who are paying APCs to make their articles openly available. Some of these discounts are obtained through paid memberships, some are negotiated into institutional licenses with the publisher, and some are offered by the publisher in exchange for subscriptions.

Click the publisher or resource name, below, for more information on the discount available to UC authors.

Publisher Resources Included Resource Type Discount Available
American Association for the Advancement of Science Science Advances Full OA journal 10% (additional 4% discount available for AAAS members)
American Chemical Society All ACS subscription journals Hybrid OA journals $250 (in addition to membership discount)
BioMed Central All BioMed Central Journals Full OA journals 15%
Cambridge University Press All CUP Journals with an OA option Full OA journals
Hybrid OA journals
30% discount and first $1000 covered.  Remainder covered for unfunded authors.
Electrochemical Society ECS Digital Library Hybrid OA journals 100%
Karger Karger Open Access Journals Full OA journals
Hybrid OA journals
National Academy of Sciences PNAS Hybrid OA journal 25%
Oxford University Press Nucleic Acids Research Full OA journal 50%
The Royal Society All Royal Society journals Full OA journals
Hybrid OA journals
Royal Society of Chemistry All RSC subscription journals Hybrid OA journals 15%
SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics) Journal of Biomedical Optics and Neurophotonics Full OA journals 25%
Springer Nature British Journal of Cancer Hybrid OA journal Approximately 25%
SpringerOpen Journals Full OA journals 15%
Taylor & Francis T&F Open and Open Select journals Full OA journals
Hybrid OA journals
75% for hybrid OA journals.
Cap of 75% of standard hybrid OA price for full OA journals.
University of California Press Collabra: Psychology and Elementa Full OA journals 100%

While we strive to keep this information as current as possible, much of the content of this page and the individual resource information pages depends on links and outside sources. If you notice an error, change, or inconsistency that is not reflected in our pages, please bring it to the attention of Mathew Willmott, OA Collection Strategist, at

Please note that choosing to publish OA directly with the publisher in this way is not a requirement of the UC Open Access Policies. However, if you do choose to publish OA directly with the publisher, you may comply with the UC policy simply by providing a link to the final published version, rather than uploading a manuscript version.

Last updated February 19, 2020.