Discounts on OA Publishing Fees

Some open access journals charge Article Processing Charges (APCs) to fund open publication. Learn about which publishers have discounts or fee waivers for UC scholars.

Open Access Publishing Funds

A few UC campuses have implemented OA publishing funds to support their authors’ OA publishing efforts. Authors can generally apply for support from these funds when other funding sources (such as research grants, where APCs are often allowable expenses) are unavailable.

eScholarship Publishing

eScholarship Publishing offers a comprehensive open access publishing program for journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and other UC-affiliated original scholarship.

UC Press Open Access

University of California Press publishes open access monographs and journals. Their programs are open to scholars both inside and outside of UC.

Open Data

Scholars can publish their data openly in a general or discipline-specific repository, or they can use Dryad, UC’s data publishing platform.