What is Open Access?

More and more often, scholarly publications are openly accessible without subscription. Learn why authors and publishers are moving to this model and how publications make it to the open web.

UC OA Policies

UC seeks to expand the reach and impact of UC scholarship by enabling scholarly articles authored by all UC employees to be freely shared with readers worldwide, regardless of the original site of publication. Deposit your scholarly articles, get a waiver for your publisher, or learn more about how to participate in the UC OA Policies.

Dissertations and Theses

Many UC dissertations and theses are freely available online. Learn more about how to read them and where to find campus policies about OA theses and dissertations.

OA Publishing Resources

UC supports open access through a variety of local publishing initiatives, including:

  • eScholarship, UC’s open access repository and publishing platform, which hosts 80+ open access journals;
  • UC Press’s open access monograph (Luminos) and journal (Collabra) programs;
  • Publishing discounts or funding support for UC authors who seek to make their publications OA in journals that require an article processing charge (APC).

Copyright & Publication Contracts

Data Sharing Policies & Tools