The University of California, via the California Digital Library, subscribes to the ACS All Publications package.  ACS grants a discount to authors from subscribing institutions who wish to pay an article processing charge (APC) to publish open access in an otherwise subscription journal, through the arrangement ACS terms “ACS AuthorChoice.”

Who is covered?

Corresponding authors who are affiliated with any UC campus, UC Office of the President, or Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

What journals are covered?

All ACS subscription journals, but not either of ACS’s full open access journals, ACS Central Science or ACS Omega.

What is the discount?

UC-affiliated corresponding authors are entitled to a discount of $250 off of the APC.  This discount applies to all levels of APC, including lower APCs that are available to authors who are ACS members or who choose to delay making their article OA by 12 months.  This discount does not apply to added fees for selection of a Creative Commons license.

Detailed pricing information is available from the ACS Open Access site and from the ACS AuthorChoice Pricing promotional poster.

How can I apply this discount?

Upon acceptance of an article, the corresponding author receives an email with a link to RightsLink, where the author can pay to make the article openly available if he or she chooses.  Discounts are applied through the RightsLink interface.

What licenses are available?

ACS defaults to publishing open access under the Standard ACS Author Choice license.  Authors may select to publish under Creative Commons licenses CC BY for an extra fee, or CC BY-NC-ND at no extra cost.

For more information about the importance of license selection and Creative Commons in open access publishing, see this NEJM Perspective.

What is the business model behind this arrangement?

ACS offers this discount to all institutional subscribers to the ACS All Publications Package independently of license negotiations; it is not explicitly included in subscription agreements.  More information and other options for publishing OA with ACS can be found on the ACS Open Access site.

The University of California does not pay for this discount, nor does UC receive any refund on subscription costs when UC-affiliated authors pay to publish in ACS journals.

Last updated February 19, 2020.