eScholarship Publishing offers a comprehensive open access publishing program for journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and other original scholarship. This program provides publishing and production tools, including a full editorial and peer review system, as well as professional support and consulting services for departments, research units, publishing programs and individual scholars associated with the University of California.

eScholarship Publishing supports publications that traverse standard disciplinary boundaries, explore new publishing models, and/or seek to reach professionals in applied fields beyond academia. Publishing in open access with eScholarship offers publications increased visibility, speed to publication and a commitment to long-term access and preservation.

eScholarship journals

eScholarship publishes over 70 academic journals, from international publications led by UC faculty to law reviews affiliated with UC law schools and campus-specific graduate and undergraduate journals. eScholarship journals span the disciplines, focusing on emerging fields and areas of study that have significance for researchers and practitioners alike.

The eScholarship journals program is committed to open access publishing, ensuring global access to research publications and emphasizing the rights of authors to retain copyright in their work and to license that work in ways that encourage sharing and reuse.

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Other eScholarship publication services

eScholarship also supports the open access publication of books, monographs and conference proceedings. This service is currently limited to PDF publication on the eScholarship site with links to print-on-demand services as desired. The California Digital Library is currently partnering with UC Press to develop a book production workflow that will enhance the eScholarship book publishing services significantly.  Learn more about Editoria.