This page contains an expanding number of resources created by OSC to support journal editors and publishers and the organizations or libraries that work with them. The resources can be used as a toolkit to facilitate the open access (OA) transitioning process.

Please reach out to OSC if you edit or publish a journal looking to transition to open access, or if you are working with journal editors seeking transition support.

Guide to Transitioning Your Journal to OA

An OSC working group developed a guide to help stakeholders understand basics about journal ownership, operations, and funding models, and to begin gathering important information necessary for OA publishing decision-making. This guide, released in 2019, is a helpful starting point for anyone interested in transitioning a journal or supporting a journal through the transition process

How to Facilitate a Conversation about Transitioning a Journal to OA

The OSC working group on journal transitions also developed a checklist for use by libraries and institutions who engage in consultations with journal boards and editors about transitioning to OA. The checklist should help facilitate conversations about journal operations, finances, and strategies—so that journal boards and editors can come away from the conversation with a clearer understanding of how to proceed with an OA transition.

Hosting a Roundtable for Journal Editors to Consider OA

Hosting a gathering of journal editors at your institution to talk about open access flipping considerations can be a useful way for stakeholders to come together and learn about what a flip to open access would look like, and to provide resources and support to those ready to take a lead in transitioning journals.

  • Read our page on Hosting a Roundtable for libraries and institutions seeking to host a roundtable event for faculty and other personnel with journal editorial roles.