The University of California’s Office of Scholarly Communication focuses on monitoring and synthesizing significant developments in scholarly communication with particular emphasis on implications for the UC academic community.  As such, the OSC:

  • Serves as a resource for the analysis of current and emergent topics in this area, including: the transformation of publishing and distribution models, the development of new value metrics, data publication and open data, the economics of open access, etc.;
  • Coordinates and provides centralized access to existing educational resources (and supplements with new guides or statements) on rights management and open access, including UC’s Open Access Policy;
  • Drafts statements on behalf of UC libraries regarding local or national policies and legislation, and establishes guidelines and procedures for the creation of such statements.

In addition, the OSC develops and maintains this website as a clearinghouse of information for UC faculty, students and staff.

Current OSC membership

  • Günter Waibel (Executive Director, CDL), OSC Executive Co-director
  • Chris Shaffer (University Librarian, UCSF), OSC Executive Co-director
  • Catherine Mitchell (Director, Access & Publishing, CDL), OSC Operations Director
  • Ivy Anderson (Director, Collections, CDL)
  • Eric Bakovic (Linguistics professor, UC San Diego), University Committee on Libraries and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC) representative
  • Vincent Cook (Institutional Research and Planning Analyst, Institutional Research & Academic Planning)
  • Katie Fortney (Copyright Policy & Education Officer, CDL)
  • Michael Ladisch (Scholarly Communications Officer, UC Davis)
  • Daniella Lowenberg (Research Data Specialist & Product Manager, CDL)
  • Brian Russ (Research Policy Manager, Research Policy Analysis and Coordination)
  • Rachael Samberg (Scholarly Communication Officer, UC Berkeley)
  • Rich Schneider (Orthopaedic Surgery professor, UCSF), University Committee on Libraries and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC) representative
  • Allegra Swift (Scholarly Communications Librarian, UC San Diego)
  • Anneliese Taylor (Head of Scholarly Communication, UCSF)
  • Erich van Rijn (Director of Journals & Open Access, UC Press)
  • Danielle Watters Westbrook (Systemwide Library Planning Analyst, CDL)

Please contact us with any questions/comments: