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SAGE Announces Open Access Archiving

SAGE Publications announces that it will allow authors to make available open access postprints without case-by-case requests for permission. Sage thus joins a growing list of like-minded publishers (see, for example, the Sherpa list of publisher copyright policies).


PNAS Introduces Open Access Option for Authors

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) introduces an open access option for authors. The option, which is to be evaluated after an experimental period, allows authors to pay a $1,000 surcharge to make their articles available for free via PNAS Online and PubMed Central immediately upon publication. In a survey informing the decision, nearly half of the respondents were in favor of an open access option. According to Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, PNAS Editor-in-Chief and Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley, “PNAS is starting by experimenting with an open access option for authors. It is a compromise between open access for all articles and doing business as usual.” See the press release.


PLoS Publishes First Issue of PLoS Biology

The Public Library of Scienice (PLoS), a San Francisco-based non-profit organization of scientists and physicians, publishes the first issue of PLoS Biology, a monthly peer-reviewed journal available free online. The journal features several articles authored by UC San Francisco faculty.


Berlin Declaration

The Berlin Declaration on open access to knowledge in the sciences and humanities is created and signed by major public funders committed to open access from Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Norway.


Company of Biologists Announces Open Access Initiative

The Company of Biologists announces its open access initiative. From January 2004, its journals (Development, Journal of Cell Science, and The Journal of Experimental Biology) will offer authors the option of open access, allowing all internet users completely free access to articles.


Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing

The Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing is drafted at a meeting held at the headquarters of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The principles are designed to “stimulate discussion within the biomedical research community on how to proceed, as rapidly as possible, to the widely held goal of providing open access to the primary scientific literature.”


UC Joins BioMed Central

UC joins BioMed Central via UC’s eScholarship program; membership entitles UC researchers to a waiver of the article processing fee for publishing in BMC journals.

Press release


Budapest Open Access Initiative

The Budapest Open Access Initiative arises from a small but lively meeting convened in Budapest by the Open Society Institute (OSI). The meeting accelerates progress in the international effort to make research articles in all academic fields freely available on the Internet.