We’re delighted to announce that as of March 15, corresponding authors at all ten UC campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) who publish open access articles in Wiley journals will receive a 15 percent discount on the open access fee (also known as an article processing charge, or APC) as part of a new pilot agreement UC has negotiated with the publisher. 

In addition, the pilot will make open access the default option for articles published in Wiley journals by authors at five UC campuses — Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz — and the UC libraries will automatically pay the first $1,000 of the open access fee for those authors. As with most of UC’s other transformative open access agreements, these authors will be asked to pay the remainder of the open access fee if they have research funds available to do so; those who do not have research funds available for this purpose can request full funding of the APC from the libraries. The limited scope of this one-year pilot agreement allows UC and Wiley to develop and test the multi-payer payment workflow for open access, before exploring the potential for a broader transformative agreement with Wiley in the future, including all 10 campuses. 

This pilot open access agreement covers articles published from January 1 to December 31, 2022 in the full portfolio of Wiley journals, including both hybrid (subscription-based) and open access journals. UC authors who published an article earlier in 2022 will be contacted by Wiley and offered the opportunity to take advantage of the open access options offered to authors at their campus under the pilot agreement.  

The agreement also provides students, faculty, researchers and healthcare professionals on all ten UC campuses and at LBNL with unlimited reading access to the full portfolio of Wiley journals.

For more detail about the agreement please see our overview of the Wiley open access agreement.

Also see: Wiley’s press release

If you have questions, please contact your UC campus library:

About UC’s Transformative Open Access Agreements:

Transformative open access agreements support UC’s mission as a public university and advance the global shift toward sustainable open access publishing by making more UC-authored research articles open to the world, while maintaining journal affordability. UC seeks to partner with publishers of all types, sizes and disciplines to jointly advance a worldwide transition to open access across the entire landscape of scholarly journal publishing. For more on these aims and principles, see UC’s Call to Action for Negotiating Journal Agreements at UC, the UC faculty Academic Senate’s Declaration of Rights and Principles to Transform Scholarly Communication, and UC’s priorities for publisher negotiations.


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