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Letter to UC Faculty About Nature Quadrupling Prices

A June 4, 2010, letter to UC Faculty describes a proposal to quadruple the price of a UC license for Nature and its 67 affiliated journals. The letter, authored by the executive director of California Digital Library (CDL), the chair of University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication of the Academic Senate and the convener of University Librarians Council, is an informational update about the UC Libraries’ pricing challenges with the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and the likelihood that the libraries will have to cancel some or all NPG titles in light of the University’s current budget challenges. The letter also describes a potential boycott that some faculty are proposing if the dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved.


First Annual Open Access Week, October 19-23 2009

October 19-23 marks the first annual Open Access Week (http://www.openaccessweek.org/), which is designed to raise awareness of this growing international movement that uses the Internet to throw open the locked doors that once hid knowledge. Open access encourages the unrestricted sharing of research results with everyone, everywhere, for the advancement of science and society. (more…)


UC and the Google Book Settlement

In August 2006, the University of California became the sixth library to partner with Google to digitize volumes from UC’s extensive print collections as part of the Google Book Search Library Project. In October 2008, Google announced a settlement of a class action lawsuit by the Authors Guild of America and a separate suit by representative members of the Association of American Publishers, both of which sought to bar Google from scanning copies of in-copyright books held in the collections of major U.S. libraries. A court hearing on the settlement, which must be approved by the courts in order for it to take effect, is scheduled for October 7, 2009.



UC Libraries Release “The Promise of Value-based Journal Prices and Negotiation”

The UC libraries announce a report describing their work on “value-based” prices for scholarly journals. Authored by a task force of the ten-campus library system’s Collection Development Committee, The Promise of Value-based Journal Prices and Negotiation: A UC Report and View Forward is a direct outcome of the UC libraries’ collective strategic priority to advance economically balanced and sustainable scholarly communication systems. The report details UC’s rationale for value-based journal prices and modeling of prices for scholarly materials that are reasonable, transparent, and based upon the value of the material to the academic mission of the University of California.