• New open access agreement between the University of California and The Company of Biologists

    We’re delighted to announce that as of March 9, UC authors will be able to begin making research they publish in The Company of Biologists’ journals  freely available for anyone to read by taking advantage of the university’s new transformative open access agreement with the publisher. This new cost-neutral transformative agreement – which runs from January 2021 through December 2023 – covers open access publishing in The Company of Biologists’ three hybrid (subscription-based) journals (Development, Journal of Cell Science and Journal of Experimental Biology) and two open access journals (Disease Models and Mechanisms and Biology Open).  “As a UC researcher […]

  • Doing it Right: A Better Approach for Software & Data

    Researchers at UC and around the world now have access to streamlined workflows for publishing their research data and software – and linking the two – through Dryad and Zenodo. UC campuses and California Digital Library have long invested in open data initiatives and support for data publishing. In 2018, CDL partnered with Dryad, an open access data publishing platform. Dryad, founded by researchers and closely connected to and recommended by journals and funders, has been around for over a decade and has long been supported across the globe. While Dryad’s partnership with CDL has allowed for a seamless and […]

  • UC issues revised copyright ownership policy

    The University of California Policy on Copyright Ownership has been revised for the first time since 1992. The revised policy reflects a long development process, starting with a working group study in 2013 and culminating in a recent round of full systemwide review. As described in its issuance letter, the revised policy aims to: Expand eligibility to own copyrights. The definition of “Academic Authors” in the revised policy is simplified and expands the pool of those eligible to own copyright. Among other things, it eliminates references to Academic Personnel Manual (APM) titles. Expand and clarify the pool of works eligible […]

  • Draft policy on Research Data and Tangible Research Materials currently under review

    A new Presidential Policy on University of California Research Data and Tangible Research Materials is currently under systemwide review. This draft policy addresses issues concerning the ownership of data and tangible materials generated during the course of UC research. All members of the UC community are encouraged to read the policy and accompanying information available below and submit any comments by April 7, 2021. As stated in the policy, “Access to and use and retention of Research Data and Tangible Research Materials are not only critical to substantiate results, but also to provide a foundation for the advancement of scholarship. […]

  • Springer Nature open access publishing agreement to launch Jan. 4, 2021

    We’re delighted to announce that on January 4, 2021, UC authors will be able to begin making research they publish in Springer journals freely available for anyone to read by taking advantage of the university’s new transformative open access agreement with Springer Nature.   The first phase of the agreement will support UC authors whose articles are accepted by journals in the Springer portion of the Springer Nature portfolio, including Springer, Adis, and Palgrave Macmillan titles, as well as academic journals on nature.com.    After January 4, upon acceptance of an article,  UC-affiliated corresponding authors will, by default, have their article designated […]

  • Combinatorial Theory Journal Launches on UC’s eScholarship Publishing Platform with Innovative Open Access Funding Model

    The eScholarship Publishing program of the University of California is pleased to announce the launch of Combinatorial Theory, a new mathematics journal expecting its first issue in Spring 2021. This journal will publish papers in Combinatorics, an active area of mathematical research with applications throughout the mathematical, computational and natural sciences. Combinatorial Theory is owned by mathematicians who believe in the importance of unfettered access to research as a means of engaging the global combinatorial community. As such, it is an open access publication, with no fees for authors or readers.  Combinatorial Theory was founded in September 2020, when most […]

  • UC campuses celebrate Open Access Week 2020

    International Open Access Week is an annual global event celebrating and sharing knowledge about free online access to scholarly publications. This year’s Open Access Week is October 19-25. The theme, “Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion” marks the third consecutive year that this event will focus on the need for action on equity and inclusion, underscoring the urgency of continuing to center this work. “Openness can be a powerful tool for building more equitable systems of sharing knowledge,” writes Nick Shockey, Director of Programs & Engagement at SPARC.  The University of California Libraries have planned […]

  • EarthArXiv Preprint Server Re-Launches on CDL-Hosted Janeway Platform

    California Digital Library (CDL) is excited to announce the official re-launch of the EarthArXiv preprint server, now hosted by CDL on the Janeway platform. The site provides access to nearly 1,500 recent preprint publications covering a wide range of topics in Earth Science — and researchers who wish to make their findings immediately and openly available can submit papers now. “EarthArXiv’s partnership with the CDL expands our capacity to grow sustainable open publishing for the Earth sciences,” said Bruce Caron, one of the founders of EarthArXiv. “CDL and the entire University of California system have demonstrated global leadership for open […]

  • Ultrasound in Resource-Limited Settings: A Case Based, Open Access Text

    Faculty at UC Davis Health in collaboration with the California Digital Library (CDL) and Blaisdell Medical Library are pleased to announce the release of Ultrasound in Resource-Limited Settings: A Case Based, Open Access Text. This new online resource aims to provide an open access clinical resource for radiologists and clinicians who practice ultrasound in low and limited resourced healthcare settings. The project was conceived of and developed by two UC Davis Health physicians: Michael Schick and Rebecca Stein-Wexler, with help from Aida Nasirishargh as the online editor. Drs. Schick and Stein-Wexler have been teaching and using ultrasound for many years […]

  • UC reaches groundbreaking open access deal with leading global publisher

    This post originally appeared in the UC Press Room. The University of California today (June 16) announced a transformative open access publishing agreement that will make more of the University’s research freely and immediately available to individuals and researchers across the globe. The deal furthers the global push for open access to scientific research by bringing together UC, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of all U.S. publishing output, and Springer Nature, the world’s second-largest academic publisher. The agreement, which is the largest open access agreement in North America to date, and the first for Springer Nature in the U.S., […]


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