• A presentation slide outlining paywalled access versus open access, from the update providing to the UC Board of Regents' Student and Academic Affairs Committee

    Update on open access and academic journal contracts: a presentation to the UC Board of Regents’ Academic and Student Affairs Committee

    On July 17, 2019, Acting Provost and Vice Provost Susan Carlson, University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, and Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director Günter Waibel briefed the UC Board of Regents’ Academic and Student Affairs Committee on open access and academic journal contracts. The video archive of the presentation is available on YouTube and below. A copy of the presentation script is also available for download.

  • You’re invited to the Open Access Tipping Point Public Forum!

    The University of California (UC) will be hosting an Open Access Tipping Point Public Forum in Washington, DC on August 29th from 2:00-4:30 pm EDT. This free, interactive public event is intended to advance understanding of the value and opportunities associated with negotiating, participating in, and supporting transformative open access agreements for all stakeholders in the scholarly publishing community – publishers, societies, funders, libraries, and academic authors. We hope you’ll join us! Update, August 20, 2019 We are excited to share these important updates about the Open Access Tipping Point Forum. 1. Livestreaming: Interest in the Open Access Tipping Point […]

  • Announcing the Open Access Tipping Point Workshop, co-sponsored by the UC Academic Senate & Libraries

    The University of California (UC) is pleased to announce an invitational workshop in Washington, DC, August 28-29, for North American institutions motivated to refactor their current, big-deal commercial publisher agreements to support a sustainable open access transformation. The Open Access Tipping Point workshop is co-sponsored by the UC Academic Senate and Libraries and will be facilitated by members of UC’s negotiation team and publisher task force. Also in attendance will be representatives from Germany, Hungary, Norway and Sweden who have experience with negotiating transformative agreements, coalition building, and principled walk-away strategies. The workshop will build on UC’s recently released negotiation […]

  • UC launches toolkit for negotiating transformative agreements with scholarly publishers

    Following the 2018 release of the provostial Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee’s Call to Action, the University of California (UC) Academic Senate and Libraries partnered to utilize publisher negotiations to address the issues of journal subscription affordability and open access (OA) transformation. UC’s publisher negotiations have since been closely followed around the globe. In the United States, UC’s actions and stance, particularly with Elsevier, have prompted a national conversation about how research institutions can restructure their publisher contracts in the service of OA publishing. While UC has not yet secured a transformative agreement with Elsevier, the university has […]

  • UC-wide pilot of protocols.io

    One of the serious barriers to reproducibility of research is the lack of detailed methods in published articles. As trainees leave a research lab, it is often impossible to identify precisely the steps of their performed experiments. As we look to tackle the various aspects of open access and open research, the University of California continues to explore how we can unlock the underlying methods and protocols used in lab experiments. With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce a new pilot for UC-wide use of protocols.io — an open access repository for research methods. The pilot, which […]

  • CP2OA results are in: Open access efforts are taking flight

    This post was written by the CP2OA planning committee and originally appeared on Berkeley Library Update. On October 16-17, 2018, University of California (UC) libraries hosted a working forum in Berkeley, California, called Choosing Pathways to Open Access (CP2OA). Sponsored by the University of California’s Council of University Librarians(CoUL), the forum was designed to enable North American library and consortium leaders and key academic stakeholders to engage in action-focused deliberations about redirecting subscription and other funds toward sustainable open access (OA) publishing. More than 120 participants arrived from more than 80 institutions, nearly 30 states, and four Canadian provinces. The goal was for everyone to leave with […]

  • Hosting an editors’ roundtable to discuss transitioning journals to OA

    Earlier this year the OSC released a toolkit for transitioning journals to open access. Today we’re adding a new resource to this page: a guide to hosting a roundtable event for editors and editorial board members. A journal flipping roundtable discussion can help gauge the level of interest in journal flipping among journal editors on a campus, and can also connect editors curious about transitioning to OA with people and tools to help navigate such a change. In 2018, the UCSF library held a roundtable with nine editors from UCSF and publishing experts from the library and UC Press. The […]

  • Cambridge University Press and the University of California Agree to Open Access Publishing Deal

    The University of California and Cambridge University Press have entered into a transformative agreement that will advance the global shift toward an open access future for research. The agreement is designed to maintain UC’s access to Cambridge’s journals, while also supporting open access publishing for UC authors. The partnership is UC’s first open access agreement with a major publisher, and Cambridge’s first such deal in the Americas.

  • Open Statement: Why UC terminated journal negotiations with Elsevier

    March 20, 2019 (revised April 25, 2019) The University of California has taken a firm stand on both open access to publicly funded research and fiscal responsibility by deciding not to renew its journal subscriptions with Elsevier, the world’s largest scientific publisher. Here’s why: Elsevier’s proposal Under Elsevier’s proposed terms, the publisher would capture significant new revenue on top of the university’s current multimillion-dollar subscription while significantly diminishing UC’s rights to Elsevier content. Elsevier’s latest proposal, dated January 31, 2019, did consider some of UC’s conditions, including providing UC authors with open access publishing options across much of the publisher’s portfolio of journals. […]

  • Comment on proposed UC-wide OA policy for dissertations and theses before April 10

    A second systemwide review window is open for a draft policy on open access to University of California dissertations and theses. The current review period extends to April 10 and all members of the UC community are welcome to submit comments and questions. The draft policy and accompanying documents, including a cover letter and FAQs, are available on the Academic Personnel and Programs website. As explained in the review cover letter, the revised policy provides a clearer and more streamlined process for embargo extensions. The new draft also more closely mirrors most existing UC campus policies on dissertations and theses […]


As a leader in the global movement toward open access to publicly funded research, the University of California is taking a firm stand by deciding not to renew its subscriptions with Elsevier.
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