Congratulations to Journal of Autoethnography (UC Press) and Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies (eScholarship Publishing) for taking top honors in the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) Best New Journal award category at the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association in January – marking the first time two UC-affiliated publications (and publishers) have swept the CELJ awards in this category.

  • Journal of Autoethnography, winner
  • Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies, honorable mention

CELJ is an organization of editors of scholarly journals in all disciplines and the annual CELJ Awards Competition recognizes outstanding achievement in editorial work in scholarly journal publication. 

The CELJ jury had the following to say: 

RE Journal of Autoethnography: “We unanimously decided to offer the award to the Journal of Autoethnography. The jury agreed that it was a fantastic interjection into academic life by providing a venue with an intellectual frame of inquiry that is at once necessarily broad and yet effectively specific. The work presented in the journal cuts across disciplines, while retaining a focus on autoethnography” as a method, allowing for multiple identities, traditions, abilities, and interventions from the large scale to the small scale, and from the public to the personal. The jury also felt it was not only an exciting and accessible publication, but also a sustainable journal, especially as it had 400 manuscript submissions to start, and has multiple issues already.”

RE Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies: “We were impressed with the journal’s thoughtful and important intervention at the intersection of several fields and its welcoming of contributions from diverse authors, including activists, artists, educators, and journalists. We believe that Alon offers an exciting model for open access publishing in ethnic and diasporic studies and congratulate the editorial staff on the choices they have made so far in regard to amplifying its distinguished mission and scope, as well as building partnerships with academic, arts, and community institutions, to launch this important journal.”

The Journal of Autoethnography (JoAE) is a refereed, international, and interdisciplinary journal devoted to the purposes, practices, and principles of autoethnography. JoAE publishes scholarship that foregrounds autoethnography as a method of inquiry; highlights themes and issues of past and contemporary autoethnographic research; discusses theoretical, ethical, and pedagogical issues in autoethnography; identifies future directions for autoethnography; and highlights innovative applications of autoethnography. JoAE also features reviews of books and media relevant to autoethnographic research and practice. JoAE is published quarterly in an online-only format.

Alon: Journal for Filipinx American and Diasporic Studies is a refereed interdisciplinary journal  publishing essays, artwork, reviews, and moderated reflections that productively and critically engage with Filipinx American and Filipinx Diasporic Studies. Its founding home is the Bulosan Center for Filpinx Studies, at the Department of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. The title Alon is a Tagalog/Filipinx word for “a moving ridge, a swell of water, or a wave” – to signify the persistence of movement, stasis, and mobility in the long and continuing histories of Filipinx migrations within and away from their homelands. Alon is published three times a year as an open access journal on the eScholarship platform.

UC Press

University of California Press is one of the most forward-thinking scholarly publishers, committed to influencing public discourse and challenging the status quo. At a time of dramatic change for scholarship and publishing, we collaborate with faculty, librarians, authors, and students to stay ahead of today’s knowledge demands and shape the future of publishing.

eScholarship Publishing

Launched in 2002 by the California Digital Library, eScholarship Publishing provides comprehensive publication services for University of California-affiliated departments, research units, publishing programs, and individual scholars who seek to publish original, open access journals, books, conference proceedings, and other scholarship. eScholarship’s journals program, in particular, supports publications that traverse standard disciplinary boundaries, explore new publishing models, and/or seek to reach professionals in applied fields beyond academia.


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