[Editor’s note: this post is kept as an archive, but since the policy is no longer under review, some of the links go to pages that do not exist. For current UC policies, visit policy.ucop.edu.]

A second systemwide review window is open for a draft policy on open access to University of California dissertations and theses. The current review period extends to April 10 and all members of the UC community are welcome to submit comments and questions. The draft policy and accompanying documents, including a cover letter and FAQs, are available on the Academic Personnel and Programs website.

As explained in the review cover letter, the revised policy provides a clearer and more streamlined process for embargo extensions. The new draft also more closely mirrors most existing UC campus policies on dissertations and theses (see Appendix A to the draft policy), as well as practices at peer institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Illinois, and Michigan.

For complete information about the policy and where to send comments and questions, please read the following documents available from Academic Personnel and Programs:


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