Rich Schneider, UCSF Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Open Access champion, was instrumental in rallying UCSF faculty to pass an Open Access policy in May 2012. In this interview, Schneider reflects on this significant milestone and on the larger context of Open Access within the academy. View his perspective on:

Why Faculty Should Care About Open Access

Schneider discusses what is at stake in the effort to provide free access to scholarly research – and why this issue should matter to faculty.

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Beyond Policy: How Can Faculty and Institutions Support Open Access?

Open Access policies are just part of the picture. Schneider discusses other ways faculty and their institutions can engage with the complexities and challenges of the scholarly publishing environment.

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Faculty Support for the OA Policy at UCSF

Schneider reflects on the faculty’s positive response to the policy – and why it made sense for UCSF to be the first among UC campuses to move in this direction.

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How We Passed the Policy at UCSF

Passing an institutional OA policy can represent a significant logistical challenge. There are committees to address, faculty to engage, documents to formalize. Schneider explains how they managed the process at UCSF.

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The Economics of Open Access

Open Access isn’t just about opening up research to the world. It’s also about intervening in a scholarly publishing business model that is often incompatible with library budget decreases and faculty research needs. Schneider addresses the fundamental economic challenges we face as an academic community.

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