Note: this is a copy of the “UC and Elsevier” page on this site as it appeared in March 2021, maintained as an archive. October 2019 and March 2019 versions are also available.

For current information about UC and Elsevier, see the actively maintained page.

University of California now has an agreement that achieves both of the university’s goals for all publisher agreements: (1) Enabling universal open access to UC research; and (2) Containing the excessively high costs associated with licensing journals. In addition, the agreement restores as of April 1, 2021, UC’s direct online reading access to all previously subscribed Elsevier journals and some additional journals to which UC did not subscribe previously.

For current information about UC and Elsevier, see the actively maintained page.

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Faculty Voices

The Elsevier agreement “is a boon for researchers, students and all other members of the public who will be able to read, use and build upon UC’s research and scholarly work.  At all times, and especially now during a global health crisis, openly and rapidly sharing our research can and will save lives.”

Marta Margeta, associate professor of pathology at UC San Francisco and chair of the UC Academic Senate’s University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (UCOLASC).

“We all agree that open access is a good thing. It increases the visibility of our research, and it’s something the taxpayers deserve.”

— Karen Bales, psychology professor at UC Davis and chair of the campus Academic Senate research committee, as quoted in the Los Angeles Times

“We are interested in using text-mining to learn from the scientific literature. OA articles can be more readily obtained, analyzed, and curated. Those which are part of traditional subscriptions cannot be readily studied in this way.”

— Steven Brenner, a professor of plant & microbial biology at UC Berkeley, as quoted in The Daily Californian

Media Inquiries

UC welcomes media inquiries about the Elsevier negotiations. Please contact:

Jessica Nusbaum
Director of Communications and Marketing
UC Davis Library
(530) 752-4145