Some scholarly publishers charge authors fees, often called “article processing charges” or APCs, in order to make their articles open access. University of California authors are eligible for discounts on these fees with some publishers based on UC arrangements with those publishers. Most of these arrangements give authors a percentage off the standard APC, but one recent program, with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), functions a bit differently.

RSC’s “Gold for Gold” program covers the entire APC, but only for a limited number of authors on each campus per year. To take advantage of the program, authors will need a voucher code, which they can get from their campus library after their article has been accepted for publication by RSC (see below for contact information). Authors then enter this voucher code in RSC’s online form. RSC has characterized the Gold for Gold program as experimental and it is not clear whether it will be continued in the future, but OSC and the campus libraries will provide updated information as it becomes available.

Campus contacts for RSC vouchers:


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