Many publications are openly available for free viewing at the website of their publisher. In the case of commercial publishers, this open access model often requires the author or funder to pay the publisher an article publication charge (APC) up front. Learn more about who pays and other ways to make your work freely available to readers.


UC Press, Open Humanities Press, and Springer are just a few of the publishers  that are now publishing open access ebooks. Some are free online but also available for purchase in print. Some are open access immediately; others become open access after a period of being restricted for sale only. You can find thousands of them at the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).

eScholarship publishes open access books for University of California departments, research units, and publishing programs. Open access UC book series include:


Thousands of journals all over the world publish articles without charging readers for access. You can search the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for a journal in your discipline, or you can browse by subject, country, or whether they charge authors an article processing charge (APC).

When publishing in a journal that charges APCs, you can check this list of UC Discounts to see whether UC scholars are eligible for a reduced rate.

eScholarship publishes over 70 open access journals for University of California departments, research units, and publishing programs, whether those journals are just starting up or transitioning from another platform or publisher. Popular journals in eScholarship include


Some publishers allow authors, for a fee,  to make their individual articles open access within a subscription journal. This approach is called “hybrid” open access. Read more about hybrid journals at SPARC Europe and the Australian Open Access Support Group.