Section III.C. of the Presidential Open Access Policy states that authors who do not own copyright in their scholarly articles under UC copyright ownership policy must show “compelling circumstances” to obtain a waiver of the policy.

Use the list of the campus contacts for copyright questions below if you are

  • a non-Senate employee, and therefore covered by the Presidential Open Access Policy rather than the Academic Senate Open Access Policy;
  • seeking a waiver of the policy for a scholarly article; and
  • do not own copyright in your scholarly article, under the terms of UC’s 2021 Policy on Copyright Ownership. (Note: with the issuance of this 2021 policy it is much more rare that an author would not own copyright in their scholarly article than it was under the policy in place when the Presidential Open Access Policy was written.)

Carol Mimura, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances

William Tucker, Executive Director of Technology Transfer

Kevin Kennan, Assistant Director, Intellectual Property Administration

Ann Karagozian, Vice Chancellor for Research

Donald Barclay, Deputy University Librarian

Steven Mandeville-Gamble, University Librarian

San Diego
William J. Decker, Associate Director, Office of Innovation and Commercialization

Karin Immergluck, Director, Technology Management, Office of Innovation, Technology & Alliances

Santa Barbara
Sherylle Mills Englander, Director, Office of Technology & Industry Alliances

Santa Cruz
Scott Brandt, Vice Chancellor, Research

UC Office of the President
Research Policy Analysis and Coordination