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Open Access Publishing Fund Pilot

The UC Libraries have announced campus-based open access fund pilots to support UC faculty who wish to make their research findings immediately and freely available to the public. Funded in part by the California Digital Library, these new open access funds will help pay for some of the following charges for UC authors who wish to make their research findings open access: article processing charges (APCs), OA monograph and electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) payments, fees for open data archiving and other open access fees.

About Open Access: Open Access (OA) literature is free, online, and available to anyone. An open-access publication has limited copyright and licensing restrictions, which means anyone, anywhere, with access to the Internet may read, download, copy, and distribute it. The business models for some open access journals and other publications shifts the cost of publication from subscriptions or purchases to authors by charging the author an open access publication fee. In many fields, particularly the sciences, that fee is then charged to a research grant. Recognizing that not all scholars have grant monies to draw on, the California Digital Library has collaborated with UC campus libraries to develop this pilot program.

About Campus-based Open Access Publishing Funds: An open access fund is a pool of money set aside by a university library to support article processing and other OA publication charges. Universities such as Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, Duke and Harvard have implemented OA publishing funds to support their faculty’s OA publishing efforts.

OA Publishing Funds at UC: The UC campuses participating in this pilot are listed below. Click on the links to find out more:

Other initiatives: The UCLA Affordable Course Materials Initiative, also funded in part by the CDL, offers incentives to instructors to use low-cost or free alternatives to expensive course materials including open-access scholarly resources.

For further questions, contact osc@ucop.edu.