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eScholarship provides a suite of open access, scholarly publishing services and research tools that enable departments, research units, publishing programs, and individual scholars associated with the University of California to have direct control over the creation and dissemination of the full range of their scholarship.

With eScholarship, you can publish the following original scholarly works on a dynamic research platform available to scholars worldwide:

Publications benefit from manuscript and peer-review management systems, as well as a full range of persistent access and preservation services.

eScholarship also supports the UC Open Access Policy with deposit and dissemination services for previously published articles.

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EZID (easy-eye-dee) makes it easy to create and manage unique, persistent identifiers for digital objects, ensuring their future discoverability. Use EZID to:

  • Create identifiers for anything: texts, data, bones, terms, etc.
  • Store citation metadata for identifiers in a variety of formats
  • Update current URL locations so citation links are never broken

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Dash is a simple self-service curation tool for researchers to archive and share their datasets. Data deposited in Dash is available for anyone to access and use, regardless of their institutional affiliation. Several UC campuses have their own instances of the Dash service, and there is a Dash connected to the DataONE repository, ONEShare, that is free for use by anyone.

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Merritt is a cost-effective repository service from the University of California Curation Center (UC3) that enables the UC community to manage, archive, and share its valuable digital content. Use Merritt to:

  • Have direct control over the digital curation and management of information resources underpinning scholarly research, such as images, videos, datasets, texts, and more
  • Meet the data sharing and preservation requirements of grant-funded projects
  • Provide long-term preservation for digital objects and research data

The UC Curation Center provides digital library services to the University of California. UC departments and organizations are charged only for the storage used.

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